During this coronavirus epidemic, we hope, first and foremost, that your family and loved ones have not been affected.

Over the past 2 months, life in Indonesia has changed dramatically. Routines were disrupted as many people gave up going out, eating out, attending events, taking public transportation and going to the office. But there is one thing Indonesians haven’t given up – a factor that may be critical for our country’s future economic recovery ; optimism.

Optimism is a crucial factor in how we choose to navigate the crisis

In McKinsey’s early April survey of nearly 700 respondents in Indonesia, 49 percent said they believe the Indonesian economy will rebound within 2 to 3 months and grow at a similar or even faster clip than before COVID-19.

We share the same spirit here in Indocomtech,the pandemic after effect forecast may sounds dramatic, yet the 2nd semester of 2020 is a great hard-to-miss opportunity for business recovery and re-connecting with impactful and proven Indocomtech way.

-Indocomtech team-