• Mozaik Indonesia
    Mozaik Indonesia Date       : 10 – 13 March 2016 Venue    : Jakarta Convention Center Website : www.mozaikindonesia.com Profile : Traya Indonesia is very proud to announce the inaugural of edition of Mozaik Indonesia in conjunction with Furniture Indonesia that showcase the latest products from exciting designers and hard working producers across the region. The show covering a huge range of furniture interior and architecture, home deco and craft, lighting, tableware, ceramics, kitchen and home textile.
  • IFFINA Indonesia
    Furniture Indonesia 2016 Date       : 10 – 13 March 2016 Venue    : Jakarta Convention Center Website : www.iffinaindonesia.com Profile : After being run for 8th edition it has now been organized with new energy which will focus and shake up the show to an exciting sourcing activity for an exotic furniture in Asia. In 2016 we injected new atmosphere to the upcoming show with new date, new location and new concept ready to look forward welcoming all international and local customers to embrace the hospitality furniture trade show.
  • Pengantin Expo
    International & Traditional Wedding Market Festival Date  : April 29 – May 1, 2016 Venue  : Jakarta Convention Center Website  : www.pengantinexpo.com Profile : PENGANTIN EXPO offer a refreshing alternative for future bride and groom to explore international & traditional wedding market platform to make a wedding day more special and enjoyable. Takes the worry out, we giving you the cherish moment together from planning until arranging your honeymoon dream about while the bride and groom will also be pampered with an opportunity for exclusive prizes and a chance to win a grand prize that will be drawn in the end of the expo


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