Traya Eksibisi Internasional

A professional exhibition organizer company which consist of exciting members who connecting people and offering an incubator for amazing ideas to be exchanged. Powered by dedicated professionals character and proven track records within the trade show and exhibition industry.

We bring people to do business together in one sight, by delivering insight, opportunities, innovation, and inspiration for future advantage. Exhibit with us and embrace our communities, build network, drive sales, escalate connection and keep up with the most updated innovators and influencer of the industry.

We assist all parties in every phase of process from concept, strategies and final implementation to gain the utmost benefit what trade show its offer for. Furthermore, having good relation and working alongside with the government gives effectiveness business approach on our show that bring advantage for the industry itself.

Our team will help you make the most of the opportunity in various event communications. Meet wide range of exciting suppliers and buyers as one of gateway for multinational, small and medium enterprises to expand the businesses.


Globally recognized MICE organizer company that deliver world class exhibitions


Improve human resource train skill updated character

Build relationship with related industries local and international

Create and develop projects that provide wider benefits to people and society

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